Create an effective plan for finishing your healing and getting well again!

Get the personalized help you need to integrate your healing into a new and healthier lifestyle.

  • Continued Healing

    As your body continues to heal for up to a year, maybe longer, it is important to know and be able to provide the nutrition, exercise, and the rest it needs to finish healing completely and reach the goals you have.

  • Getting Healthy Again

    Being released from medical care does not mean you are well. Now is the time to integrate. Having a strategy that blends weaker areas with your entire body is what makes the difference on a full recovery.

  • Not Giving Up

    Reaching your desired outcome is the greatest feeling in the world. But, how will you know when you've crossed the finish line unless you follow a plan that gets you there? Don't stop short of your envisioned positive outcome!

Some of what you'll receive:

  • Integration Techniques

  • Health & fitness concepts

  • Progress tracking tools

  • Q&A group calls

  • Motivation Strategies

  • Well-being techniques

Better Than Ever
4-Step Workshop

Includes 4 training modules done online and supported with telephonic coaching, worksheets, tools, resources, and unlimited email support. (maximum of 2 months to complete)

Meet your Coach!

  • Paula  Franetti, MS; CHC; CPT


    Paula Franetti, MS; CHC; CPT

    Paula is an author, inspirational speaker, health coach, and lifestyle assessment expert. With over 30 years of health and “lifestyle-smarts,” Paula combines her vast knowledge and experience in rehabilitation, exercise, and behavioral lifestyle change to inspire people through the many complicated phases of rehabilitation and healthy living. Paula is a certified health and behavioral change coach with advanced training in cardiac rehab exercise physiology, prosthetics and orthotics, lifestyle and weight management, and personal training.