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Completely Ready

This planner thoroughly prepares patients and caregivers to have a stress-free and positive-focused surgery.

A Step-by-Step Process for a Stress-Free Surgery

Set your mind at ease by doing all that you need to prepare your mind, body, and emotions for surgery day.

  • Physical Preparation

    Prepare your body by understanding and doing exercises, nutrition, and pain management leading up to surgery. Learn how to give your body a leading edge so it can recover as quickly as possible.

  • Mental Preparation

    Understand the power of your mind and learn to use it to drive your body's capacity to heal. Create a "positive outcome statement" that will drive your recovery and cause your body to heal according to the outcome you want.

  • Emotional Preparation

    Learn to control your fears by paying attention to the feelings you experience. Learn techniques for quickly pivoting your thoughts away from what is causing your fear to thoughts that make you feel good.

Some of What You'll Receive:

  • Fear & anxiety techniques

  • Exercise & nutrition tools

  • Stress elimination worksheets

  • Q&A group calls

  • Preparation checklists & tips

  • Healing teaching videos & worksheets


Meet your Coach!

  • Paula Franetti

    Certified Health Coach

    Paula Franetti

    A diehard positive thinker, Paula Franetti, MS, CHC, CPT, seizes the opportunity to thrive no matter where she looks, even in the bleakest situations. Having literally started over after a devastating automobile accident at age 60, Paula knows first-hand the struggle involved in a full recovery from life-changing injuries and multiple surgeries. With over 30 years of health and “lifestyle-smarts,” Paula combines her vast knowledge and experience in rehabilitation, exercise, and behavioral lifestyle change to inspire people through the many complicated phases of rehabilitation and healthy living. Paula is a certified health and behavioral change coach with advanced training in cardiac rehab exercise physiology, lifestyle and weight management, and personal training.