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Introducing Self-Care Coaching to Patients

How to help your patients reach their greatest outcomes.

Are your efforts being frustrated by patients who...

  • Aren't benefiting the most from your care plan?

  • Become non-compliant due to worry, doubt, or fear?

  • Are easily defeated by setbacks or pain?

  • Stop short of the outcomes you know are possible?

  • Leave ownership of getting well to YOU or others?

Support your patients by introducing them to the Rebound Planner Coaching Series©

The Rebound Planner Coaching Series© provides self-care mindset coaching that transforms a patient's inconsistent efforts and self-doubt into confident productive determination. Patients learn self-care skills that keep them focused on ways to stay motivated and accountable throughout the full cycle of care.

Both workshops along with telephonic coaching build patients' self-efficacy to become a team member in their recovery and work with you to get the health outcomes you know are possible.

Patients start with a Workshop.
Follow up with Coaching.

Whatever their starting point, patients begin with a strategic 4-session planning workshop. Then if they need extra coaching, they can opted into the Full Rebound monthly coaching program.

Coaching throughout 3 areas of care


Completely Ready--Surgery Preparation Workshop

Patients learn my 4-step method for going into surgery with self-confidence that they will make a full rebound. They learn how to define realistic recovery expectations, reduce surgery anxiety, make effective preparations, and get excited about the new life they designed to enjoy.

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Better Than Ever--After Medical Release Workshop

Patients learn effective strategies for regaining total body stamina, strength, and fitness that was lost during the recovery period plus how to integrate new levels of function into their lifestyle. They learn how to redefine their recovery expectations, assess a new starting point, create a progressive integration plan, and get excited about enjoying the new life they are creating.

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Full Rebound--Teleconference Group Coaching

Patients get much needed ongoing weekly motivation and support that keeps them on track for reaching their goals before, during, and after rehab. They choose how many months they want to receive coaching. Each week new topics are discussed. They can ask questions, discover resources, make new friends, and learn how to take control of setbacks, boredom, or whatever is holding them back.

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Informational Resources

Not sure what to say to patients? Use these handy informational resources for yourself and your patients.

What you need to know

Download this printable program explanation flyer that contains information about the programs along with out-of-pocket costs. It has everything you need to introduce the Rebound Planner Coaching Series© to your patients!
<strong>What you need to know<br>

Rack cards for patients!

(Look for them at your location)

Feel free to give these rack cards to patients you feel will benefit most from personalized coaching. Rack cards are available at your location or by request. Need some? Just call, (412)247-4957
<strong>Rack cards for patients!

Driven by an Experienced Coach

The Rebound Planner Series© is developed and coached by one who knows.

  • Paula  Franetti, MS; CHC; CPT


    Paula Franetti, MS; CHC; CPT

    Paula is an author, inspirational speaker, health coach, and lifestyle assessment expert. With over 30 years of health and “lifestyle-smarts,” Paula combines her vast knowledge and experience in rehabilitation, exercise, and behavioral lifestyle change to inspire people through the many complicated phases of rehabilitation and healthy living. Paula is a certified health and behavioral change coach with advanced training in cardiac rehab exercise physiology, prosthetics and orthotics, lifestyle and weight management, and personal training.


  • How do people sign up and pay?

    They can sign up through or by calling our office at 412-247-4957. We accept cash, check, credit card & PayPal.

  • When should a person start either workshop?

    Ideally, a person should start the Pre-Surgery workshop at least 5 weeks before surgery to provide enough time to complete it. The Release from Care workshop can be started as soon as their doctor feels they can resume their normal lifestyle.

  • Can a person receive coaching once released from medical care?

    Yes! The coaching is available after a person completes either workshop. Coaching keeps the training from a workshop active and habit-forming in a patient's full recovery.

  • Can a family caregiver take a workshop & be coached?

    Yes! The Rebound Planner Coaching Series© is designed to train both a patient as well as a caregiver in self-care mindset skills.

  • Is this program only for people having surgery?

    No! The Rebound Planner Coaching Series© provides training for anyone who has experienced an acute life-altering health issue or is a caregiver to this situation. People who have sustained an injury or an accident will also benefit greatly from the series.

  • Who is the ideal patient for workshops & coaching?

    The people who benefit the most are those who lack the skills or mindset to take healthy self-control of their recovery. It could be from a lack of confidence or unrealistic confidence, self-doubt, difficulty with pain, or other self-limiting factors. The goal of Rebound Planner is to build self-efficacy and positive thinking skills in every participant so they can experience their power to get well now as well as in the future.

  • Can a patient have private coaching or a workshop?

    Yes! Private workshops and coaching are available upon request. Both come with additional costs and may be subject to availability.

Anything else you'd like to know?

If you have more questions about the Rebound Planner Series© then simply reach out. We're always eager to talk with you!
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