Here's Why...

"I believe every person has the ability to create their own satisfying state of wellbeing no matter what condition they are in."

However, most people won’t utilize this ability until it is taken from them. This is why I believe the best time to create an incredible comeback is now--in this seemingly uncontrollable, unexpected change of health. 

My promise to you is to support you the entire way with insights, inspiration, and whatever tools you need to transform your life to what you want it to be!

--Paula Franetti, Founder of Rebound 

Why Use a Rebound Planner?

  • Rebound Planners help you set realistic recovery intentions using our strategic online planning workshops for surgery or when release from medical care.  

  • You'll learn to create positive beliefs that support your recovery intentions.

  • You'll develop healthy behaviors that align with your long term intentions.

  • And if you need extra support, you can opt into the Full Rebound monthly coaching program. 

What happens in each focused workshop

  • You rediscover the quality of life you need to feel your very best again.

  • You learn to change problem-focused thinking into solution-driven action that creates results.

  • You experience an incredible transformation from being controlled by limitations to someone who creates their own wellbeing.

Preparing for an upcoming surgery?

Here's what you need to be Completely Ready.

Completely Ready

Surgery Preparation Workshop

You'll learn my 4-step method for going into surgery with the self-confidence to make a full rebound. You'll be able to define your expected recovery outcomes, reduce your surgery anxiety, make effective preparations, and get excited about the new health and well-being you want to enjoy. Can be completed in one month.

What's included:
• Private online portal
• Work at your own pace
• Printable checklists, worksheets, tracking sheets
• Additional private coaching available

Released from Care and still not well?

Finish your healing journey by becoming Better Than Ever.

Better Than Ever

After Medical Release Workshop

Learn effective strategies for regaining your body's stamina, strength, and fitness that was lost while recovering. Plus, integrate a new level of function into your lifestyle. You'll redefine your motivation for a full recovery, assess your starting point, create a progressive integration plan, make effective preparations, and get excited about enjoying the new life you are creating. Can be completed in one month.

What's included:
• Private online portal
• Work at your own pace
• Printable checklists, worksheets, tracking sheets
• Additional private coaching available

What Clients Say...

Gave me new perspective...

Jan M.

"I’ve had 5 operations in the past 3 years. They were all successful, but Paula did something for me that none of the medical staff could or would do. She put my physical and mental healing into perspective. This lessened my fear of the unknown, allowed me to heal faster and changed my attitude to one of hope and promise. I’m moving forward now with more confidence. That makes such a difference! Thanks, Paula!"

I'm Better Than Ever...

Theresa C.

I am so impressed with how Paula designed the videos and worksheets to steer your thinking about why you want to be Better Than Ever and how to get there. And her coaching sessions are so personalized and motivational that you can't help but feel confident about reaching your goals. I've learned a lot about myself by taking this journey with such a compassionate and empathetic guide. Thank you so much, Paula!

I'll be on the basketball court in record time...

Gino M.

Thanks to Paula's encouragement and sincere interest in making sure I get the most out of my knee replacement PT, I'm pushing myself in a healthy, realistic way. She helped me communicate "my" outcome goals to both the Therapist and the Doc which helped us get on the same page. Her recommendations for staying ahead of my pain helped me keep the swelling in check especially as therapy sessions became more aggressive. This septuagenarian will be back on the basketball court in record time thanks to Paula's monitoring my progress.

Got me going...

Cathy B.

"Because of Paula's inspirational and upbeat manner, I was able to get moving! She gave me all of the tools I needed to progress naturally and logically. I'm not trying to run the marathon. I just want to get fit again and establish some good habits that I can maintain. With Paula's encouragement and positive energy, I'm on my way!"

My apprehension is gone...

Gary B.

“I'm in need of a full knee replacement and have been very apprehensive about the whole thing. After talking with Paula, my apprehension is gone. She gave me such positive insight into the whole process and what to expect. I now have a plan to fully recover, know how to prepare, and feel I will have a much quicker and more successful outcome. I don’t know why the medical industry doesn’t share this kind of mindset information but, I am convinced if they did patients would feel better, have better outcomes, and not put off procedures that often cause other complications. I can’t thank Paula enough for her caring and insights.”

Paula is a true health coach!

Maryanne B

Better than Ever has many easy to use worksheets that helped me pinpoint a few areas I want to focus on for a better lifestyle. They are creative and thought-provoking. And most of all, my calls with Paula help me to work through what that looks like on a daily basis. She is a true health coach!

Helped me talk to my doctor...

Rhonda W.

Knowing that I had multiple health issues to address with a new physician, I sought Paula’s help. Paula’s Effective Communication workshop enabled me to create a script that gave me the confidence to present my health issues in a prioritized clear way and made sure I wouldn’t leave the doctor’s office without a comprehensive plan of treatment I was willing to do. Paula's positive spirit, upbeat and smiling persona brought me hope for my situation. And her compassionate voice truly made me feel like she really cared!

In Rehab and needing extra support?

Let me coach through the hard times and keep you on track for attaining the outcomes you want.

Full Rebound

TeleGroup & Individual Coaching

Get much needed ongoing coaching that keeps you on track for reaching your goals. You choose how often you want to participate. Each week new topics are discussed. Ask questions, find resources, and learn how to take control of setbacks, boredom, or whatever is holding you back.

Not local and want an in-person workshop?

Then click the COME TO MY AREA button for info on how a workshop can be offered near you.