Our Mission

To empower those who have undergone life-altering health changes stay dedicated to restoring their health and well-being so that they can achieve their highest recovery potential.

How We Started

Paula Franetti – a rehab specialist, cardiac rehab exercise physiologist, and health coach – created the Rebound Planner Series as a result of her phenomenal recovery from a near-fatal auto accident at age 60.

After undergoing five surgeries and multiple procedures, she spent months in a wheelchair and couldn't work for at least a year. Her progress to recovery was far from consistent, making it easy to fall into the trap of losing all hope of a full recovery.

Still, she was able to fully recover and rebound in about half the time by sticking to six key principles she realized along the way.

The framework for the Rebound Planner Series is modeled after Paula's very own path to recovery to provide a resource that supports those who want to achieve their highest level of functional well-being after an unexpected health change.

6 Principles That Create Remarkable Rebounds

Read Paula's inspiring story that led to the Rebound Planner Series. Get your signed copy today!

How Rebound Planner Works

Rebound Planner is a virtual support system using planning and tracking tools along with insightful coaching to enable clients recovering from surgery, injuries, or accidents to reach their fullest recovery potential and regain the health and well-being they want.

The Rebound Planner Series is a framework of planners that is conveniently accessible online, allowing clients to...

  • Work at their own pace
  • Engage in group or individual coaching
  • Meet and support other clients in similar recoveries
  • Utilize worksheets, checklists, and other tracking tools to reach remarkable results!

Clients learn self-care skills that keep them focused on the many ways to stay motivated and accountable to reaching their highest level of recovery potential. Group or individual coaching helps clients transform doubts or fears into confident, productive determination. 

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