Why I Do What I Do...

I believe every person has the ability to live a happy and satisfying life. Yet, many people will not fully utilize that ability until it is too late. 

I created Rebound Planner to make sure those who want to take control of their lives when facing an unexpected change of health have all the support they need to get well.  

Whatever your situation is today, you have available to you the tools and support to create a phenomenal recovery of the lifestyle you love. 

You have my word...

--Paula Franetti, Founder of Rebound Planner


My belief is that there is an untappable source of energy within you that causes your body to heal and create a more holistic experience of well-being. Rebound Planner provides a framework of self-empowerment support that helps you use your energy source to reach your highest level of healing and well-being when facing an unexpected change of health.


I provide an expanding framework of self-empowerment tools that supports you as you learn how to take control of your life in any unexpected change of health and stay dedicated to achieving your highest level of well-being.

Paula's Phenomenal Comeback

Meet the Founder


Paula Franetti, MS; CHC; CPT

Paula is an author, inspirational speaker, health coach, and lifestyle assessment expert. With over 30 years of health and “lifestyle-smarts,” Paula combines her vast knowledge and experience in rehabilitation, exercise, and behavioral lifestyle change to inspire people through the many complicated phases of rehabilitation and healthy living. Paula is a certified health and behavioral change coach with advanced training in cardiac rehab exercise physiology, prosthetics and orthotics, lifestyle and weight management, and personal training.

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