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The Inspiration behind the Rebound Planner Program

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Driving through an intersection on her way to work, lifestyle health coach, Paula Franetti, was blindsided by an oncoming car with such impact that her car nearly folded in two. With catastrophic injuries and multiple sites of internal bleeding, Paula’s odds of surviving were questionable. Rushed to a Division 1 trauma center, Paula received top-notch medical care that saved her life. But would superior medical care and the support of family and friends be enough to return her to the active lifestyle she cherished? During the ups and downs of her lengthy healing journey, Paula came to understand the difference between general healing outcomes and becoming well. Through trial and error, she discovered six principles that enabled her body, mind, and spirit to heal beyond expectations and reach the level of wellbeing she desired. In this captivating book of vulnerable self-discovery, Paula shares the transformative power these principles can have for anyone recovering from an injury, related surgery, or even illness.
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Praises for Driving Force

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A riveting reminder of the power of the human spirit to fight for life and recovery!

Lynne E. Porter MD, FACP

Driving Force is a tale full of power, vulnerability, and self-awareness that we all can relate to. This approach uses our strengths and weaknesses to mold our own plan for spiritual recovery, a return to physical health and peace.

Wonderful message!

Sheila Miles, RN

This book is a brief journey into how one woman used the power of positivity to overcome all odds to return to her previous active lifestyle. A must-read for anyone facing a difficult challenge.”

Thank you, for sharing your journey. You're helping me move forward in mine!

Renae Bussen

"Not only have I found it to be a great source of inspiration for me as I move forward after my 2nd hip replacement, but it has given me a helpful roadmap to hopeful recovery from my 1st hip replacement that is still giving me problems. Thank you, Paula Franetti for sharing your journey. You're helping me move forward in mine!"

I couldn't stop reading!

James Malone

Your book is GREAT! I felt like I am there experiencing the accident with you. I couldn't put it down until I read the whole thing; front to back! Every page. What an inspiration.

Patients and caregivers need to read this book!

Tina Bruns, OT

The mind/body/spirit concept in Driving Force supports the essence of Occupational Therapy. Chapter 6 provides excellent insight into the compliance/noncompliance tension in the use of adaptive equipment. As an Occupational Therapist, these six principles are a critical part of any therapeutic intervention.

Just finished your is great and sure to be helpful to many people!!

Josie Ulrich

Driving Force is a great personal coach for people with a wide range of health challenges. Clear and easy to read, this book is a gem. I recommend Driving Force with enthusiasm and congratulate the writer on her amazing recovery!!