What you can expect to happen

You enter into an experiential learning process that reawakens your love for the things in life you stopped doing because you believed you couldn't.

You develop a solution-based focus on what can happen instead of a problem-based focus on what is or has been for some time.

The more you focus on solutions the more answers you find and the faster progress you make.

Before you know it, your consistent solution-based thinking and deliberate actions have caused your body to heal in remarkable ways.

And that's just the beginning...

Learn from one with firsthand experience

My background in rehab, health coaching, and exercise physiology provides me with a vast knowledge base of healthy living. But it's my firsthand full recovery from a near-fatal auto accident that makes me a TRUE MENTOR.
Learn from one with firsthand experience

What are typical outcomes from my Rebound Planner Formula?


...I never believed I'd be able to fully recover UNTIL I DID. Now I believe I can do whatever I set my mind to do--including getting fitter.

Renewed Energy

...knowing how far I've come and what I overcame makes me feel on top of the world and full of energy!


...I used to believe my doctors were supposed to make me well. Now I know I'm the one who makes me well!


...I hit setback after setback, but I kept believing in my desire to get well so I pressed on no matter what.

Purposeful Living

"...having the confidence I'd come through my surgery and then fully recovering made me certain I have many things left to enjoy in life."

Feeling Great Again

...I had forgotten how great it felt to feel good. Now that I know, I never want to go back to the way I was.


...I didn't know how unhappy I was before my surgery. But now I can say I am truly happy. Because I know I'm the one who made me well again.

Active Living

...I used to turn down opportunities to go out because of my condition. Now I am hardly home and always on the go.


...I lived most of my life by default--letting fate control me. Now that I intentionally made myself well, I pay attention to my thoughts and actions.

Get started by discovering what's motivating you to get well!

Try my FREE Primer and discover your inner motivation to get well

To cross the finish line of a full recovery you must stay motivated. It's the hardest thing to do by yourself. So use this FREE Primer to get you going.
Try my <B>FREE</B> Primer and discover your inner motivation to get well

What else would you like to know about this program?

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