"I believe every person has the ability to create their own satisfying state of wellbeing no matter what condition they are in."

However, most people don’t utilize this ability until it is taken from them. This is why I believe the best time to sharpen your skills for creating a satisfying state of wellbeing is now--in this uncontrollable, unexpected change of health. 

You have before you a time-sensitive window of opportunity to take control of this life situation and use your inner power to become as well as you desire to be. 

My promise to you is to support you the entire way with insights, inspiration, and whatever tools you need to transform your life to what you want it to be!

--Paula Franetti, Founder of Rebound Planner

My transformative story...

A few months after my 60th birthday the worst thing I could imagine happened to me. 

A speeding driver ran a red light and brutally T-boned my driver's side door nearly killing me. Six surgeries and multiple procedures later, I was told to expect at least 2-years to fully recover

I was self-employed, single, and living on my own. I literally had to start my life over learning to walk again and dependent on friends and family to care for me while I spent months in a wheelchair. I had no income and could not work for at least a year.

My recovery had so many ups and downs that I had every reason to be depressed and give up hope of ever getting my life back.

But, I rebounded beyond medical expectations in half the time by using my health coaching knowledge and the 6 Principles for Rebounding I discovered.

Me (#2) with my team taking 4th place at the 2019 Senior Games, Albuquerque, NM.

I created the Rebound Planner Series© to support you while you make your own recovery. I'll keep you focused AND believing you can achieve the health outcomes you want. 

Why risk not reaching the outcomes you desire? Instead, take control and be supported to plan the recovery you want! 



is the #1 reason most people fall short of reaching their goals!

Fear convinces you that the expected outcome won't work. Uncertainty makes you feel you won't get well. Overwhelming anxiety about pain keeps you from trying to do more.

You can stay in control with the support of the Rebound Planner Series© outcomes.

Plan Your Own Transformation

Recovering from a disease, injury, or surgery takes months, even years. Boredom sets in quickly. You get tired of doing the work. You just want it to all be over. And before you know it, the window for maximum healing shuts before reaching your goal.

The Rebound Planner Series© becomes your personal coach ensuring that you don't stop short of your potential healing.