Fear--The #1 Limiter

Many people fall short of a full recovery because of fear. Fear that the projected outcome will not work. Fear of not being capable. Fear of more pain. Rebound Planners help you control fear by making you capable of staying engaged in your recovery. They guide you to keep doing your best to successfully regain the health and well-being you want.

  • Gain confidence in your ability to reach the health outcomes you want by following a plan that works for you

  • Learn proven techniques for staying inspired no matter what comes your way

  • Use easy-to-do tracking tools to keep progressing toward your desired outcomes

For Patients and Caregivers

Online, easy-to-use, planners that are accessible by computer, tablet, or smartphone. Each planner allows you to work at your own pace. Worksheets and planning tools are downloadable. Rebound Planners also make great gifts for loved one in the hospital!
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For Patients and Caregivers

Self-guided planners for every phase of medical recovery.

Pre-surgery Planner

The "Completely Ready" planner prepares you for surgery by eliminating stressors and using healthy mind/body techniques.
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Pre-surgery Planner

Rehab Planner

The "Full Rebound" planner keeps you on track for completing your treatment plan and believing you can reach your desired outcome. COMING SOON! Learn more on the Planner page or get on the wait list.
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Rehab Planner

Beyond Release Planner

The "Better Than Ever" Planner helps you continue healing and focusing on getting well once you've been released from medical care. COMING SOON! Learn more on the Planner page or get on the wait list.
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Beyond Release Planner

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Get a taste of how the Rebound Planner Series works.

What Rebound Planners Do

Each planner keeps you doing what your body, mind, and emotions need in order to stay compliant with your treatment plan and to regain the health and function you desire.

  • Each planner helps you create a realistic and positive outcome statement that becomes the focus of your efforts

  • Educational videos guide you on topics related to mental, emotional, and physical realities of healing and recovery

  • Assessment tools help you determine your starting point and to identify continued progress

  • Group coaching call-in sessions let you discuss topics related to healing and regaining well-being

  • Tracking tools are available for pain levels, frequency of pain medication, exercises, nutrition and fluid intake, appointments, to-do lists, and much more

  • Options to join private chat rooms or discussion forums to learn tips from others and to share victories


  • When should I start using the pre-surgery "Completely Ready" planner?

    At minimal, start at least four weeks before surgery. If your surgery is further away, begin as soon as possible. The more time you have to prepare mentally, emotionally and physically the more confident you will be.

  • How hard is it to use a Rebound Planner?

    They're easy-peasy to use. Your planner is accessed through a private online portal that you receive when signing up. Each section is designed for you to work at your own pace using a simple platform. Worksheets and tracking tools are downloadable so you can use them anyway you like.

  • What kind of coaching do I receive with my planner?

    We want you to totally rebound and that's why each planner was designed by a certified health coach. All of the planner sections use videos by health coaches or health professionals to provide reliable information that helps you understand the topics. You can also participate in weekly live group Q&A coaching sessions to get answers or inspiration.

  • What if I am already in rehab or have been released by my doctor?

    We will have you covered there as well! You can also get on the waitlist for the "Full Rebound" and "Better than Ever" planners that will be available for pre-enrollment soon. Be sure to get on our mailing list to be notified when each planner is available for purchase!

Read the Inspiring Story Behind Rebound Planner

Driving through an intersection on her way to work, lifestyle health coach, Paula Franetti, was blindsided by an oncoming car with such impact that her car nearly folded in two. With catastrophic injuries....
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Read the Inspiring Story Behind Rebound Planner